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About - Under Construction

Lichen grew up on a dairy goat farm in the pacific northwest.  Starting college at age 16 she studied writing, acting, and directing in Oregon, Iowa, and England, and went on to get her BA at the University of Iowa.

She currently writes, speaks, and works with the Permaculture Women's Guild, and the, Northwest Permaculture Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is "Lichen" your real name?  What does it mean?
Yes, "Lichen" is my given name.  I am named after the lichen plant which is a symbiotic combination of fungus and algae.  This means that the two organisms live together in union, helping each other to grow.  So my name means, "helping."

Are you still working as a stuntwoman?
No.  That was an amazing and unexpected adventure but not something I would choose long term.  I have great respect for the women and men who choose stuntwork as a career, extraordinary people and some of the best mates you'll ever find.

How can I become a stuntman/stuntwoman?
This is a difficult question to answer because stuntees come from many different backgrounds: martial arts, gymnastics, mountain climbing, rodeo riders, deep sea divers, race car drivers, etc.  So it definitely helps to have specialized in a physical activity of one sort or another.  A lot depends on
which country you live in.  I would suggest contacting your nearest stunt association or union and asking them to recommend training programs.

Thank you so much for all of your letters.  Due to the large number of e-mails I have been receiving, it may take me a while to reply.  Cheers, Lichen

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