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Lichen June is a writer, speaker, educator, and stuntwoman. 

As Executive Director of the NW Permaculture Institute, Lichen speaks and writes on humanity's ability to have a positive impact on local food systems, soil, water, climate, and community.

Lichen is also an instructor in the international Permaculture Women's Guild online Permaculture Design Course, a 114 hour  two certificate course with advanced training in social and emotional design.  To read more about this unique course, and sign up with Lichen as mentor for your final design project, visit Permaculture Women.

Accidentally getting work as a stuntwoman in the New Zealand film and television industry led to an extraordinary adventure.  Lichen's New Zealand journals are currently being turned into the book, Stuntee: The Adventures of an Accidental Stuntwoman.

Lichen's book, Wild Magic: Celebrating the Earth Throughout the Year, has been praised as, "Inspirational," and "Fun," with, "Enchanting drawings and crystalline texts."


Excerpt from Wild Magic...


Beginning with our first breath, we take in and release the powers of air that will sustain us every moment of our lives.  All ideas start first as the vibration of thought and then grow to sound.  Words, songs, laughter, bellows, or howls all ride the wind and movement of air.  Air currents travel the globe bringing us scents and sounds, changes in weather, and knowledge from other lands - for all living things share breath and each breath contains atoms that were once part of ancient forests, mountains, birds that soared the skies, woolly mammoths and giant moa that walked the earth.  With each in-breath we share air that our ancestors shared.  With each out-breath a part of us travels through vibration and currents of air to mingle with everything else that is and will be.  Just as insects hum and take flight, in thoughts, dreams, knowledge, and intention, we dance with the spirits of the air and add our own song to all the inspiration of creation.

Praise for Wild Magic...
"Enchanted drawings... crystalline texts"
Jeremy Narby, Intelligence in Nature

Ann Marie Holmes, Earth Spirit Living

"Excellent and fun"   
Christopher Penczak, The Witch's Heart

"Wild Magic is an engaging text for the youngest Pagans that
will introduce or reinforce the basic principles of Pagan
religious education; our festivals, our deities, and our
reverence for the Earth and Her creatures."   

Ellen Evert Hopman, Walking the World in Wonder - A Children's Herbal

"I received your book for my birthday... it made me so happy!  
When I got home I looked at it more and it brought tears to
my eyes.  So luminous are the words and images.  I will have
to color it in slowly.  It is so full of intention."  

Bessie Stewart, musician, The Cult of Isis
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