There and Back Again Photo Gallery
Stuntee Lichen playing with sword
Lichen and a view of Wellington from the Botanical Gardens. (The highest hill in the distance is  Mt. Victoria.)
View of Wellington from Mt. Victoria, one of the shooting locations for Lord of the Rings.
The Whimangu Cauldron is a boiling lake, claimed to be the largest of its kind in the world.
Rotorua reflections
Maori concert performer
Maori concert performer in poi dance
Stuntees rehearsing sword fight.
Keven Sorbo's stunt double for Hercules, Sam Williams, my trainer.
Lucy Lawless' stunt double for Xena, Gerry Jacobsen, with Sam Williams and Jonathan Costelloe
It is estimated that there were around 22 species of moas ranging in size from that of a turkey to the 13 foot tall Dinornis maximus.
The shy and nocturnal Kiwi is one of the few birds in the world with a well developed sense of smell.   At night you might hear them snuffling around in the dark, using the nostrils at the end of their bill to detect earthworms, beetles, cicada larvae, spiders and also koura (freshwater crayfish), berries and the occasional frog.
Assembled leg bones of a Dinornis giganteus from the Pyramid Valley excavations in the 1940s.  Moa bones can still be found in caves, swamps, and sand dunes.