Journal #6  Interview at Avalon
   Only one week after my arrival in New Zealand I found myself in Avalon Studios shaking hands with Dave and Alan the producers of "Dark Knight," otherwise known as "Ivanhoe."

     "We are shooting a pilot movie and episodes for a new television series. 
Dark Knight will be an adventure like Hercules and Xena, only set in medieval England.  You have little crew experience in television, so we would have to start you at the bottom," Alan said studying my reaction.

     "Yes, I understand," I said blandly.

     I felt that Alan was mildly uncomfortable with my direct and calm manor.  Dave, on the other hand, seemed amused behind his cool, controlled demeanor.

     "Well I don't know what you have for her," Alan said turning to Dave, "But I would like to consider her as a double for Charlotte."

     Interesting turn of events.  We had only been talking for three minutes.  I raised my eyebrows.

     "She does look a bit like Charlotte," Dave replied to Alan.  "Our lead actress," he added for my benefit.

     "She's tall and pale like Charlotte," said Alan.  "Can you really do all of these things?"  he said pointing to the bottom of my CV, "Tai Chi, Aikido, Horseback riding?"

     "Yes, it has been a few years since I was on a horse, but I used to break them to ride."

     "I expect that's just like riding a bicycle," Alan smiled.  "We'll need you to meet with our stunt coordinator, Sam Williams, when he arrives from Auckland on the 26th.  We need to see if you can move gracefully enough for the characters fighting style."

     "Can you come in then?" Dave asked.

     I nodded, "That won't be a problem."

     "Shooting starts in November and continues until April, would you be serious about a six month commitment?"

     Alan had asked the question, but I felt that Dave was the one sizing up my character.

     Six months!  There is no work available on
Lord of the Rings right now, but there might be in six months!  All of a sudden I knew what I wanted most was the opportunity to stay in New Zealand a bit longer.  In a split second I made up my mind.

     "Yes, I give you my word."

     Dave smiled.

     Alan shook his head, "You dont look old enough to have gone to University and done all this."

     I had received that comment many times before,  "That is only my production CV.  I can get you copies of my acting CV and my general employment CV," I smiled.

     "What other work do you do?" Alan asked.

     "Most recently I was assistant to an archaeological photographer."

     "What are you doing here?" he asked with a note of disbelief.

     "Just sightseeing in Wellington so far."

     "Is that all?" Alan sat back in his chair.  "You must be bored out of your mind!"

     "Not yet," I laughed.