Journal #5  Wingnut Break In and the Producer Calls
    There was a different guard at the Wingnut studios gate today.

     I told him that I had letters to drop off.  He offered me a seat in the guardhouse and called for a runner.  He explained that no one but staff were allowed past the gate.  It is only the first day of shooting and they'd already had a break in.  A photographer had cut the fence and taken shots of one of the
Lord of the Rings sets.

     "That's awful," I said becoming angry.  Who dared disrupt the making of these films?  I scanned the length of fence surrounding the studios, ready to stop all those of mal intent.

     The guard finished his story then asked me how I thought Kiwis compared to Americans.

     "Much more friendly," I said without reservation.

     "Yeah?" he said sounding surprised.  "Well, it's a small country, chances are you're related to the next bloke.  So you best get along."  Then he smiled and offered me a piece of cake.

     Later I rang Wingnut.  I was put straight through to production.

     "We're fully crewed as of now, but I suggest you ring again as things could change at any time."

     The waiting game begins...
    Back at the Mermaid I spoke with a woman who suggested I buy a copy of On Film, (NZ film industry magazine listing current productions), to see if there was anything else I could work on until there were openings on LOTR.  On Film mentioned a new production called Ivanhoe that will be shot at Avalon studios starting in November.

     I immediately called Avalon.  Not only did I get their mailing address, but also the name of the producer of
Ivanhoe.  First thing in the morning I'll drop my CV in the post.
    Wednesday October 13th, less than 24 hours after I sent off my CV, my phone rang.

     "Is this Lichen June?" asked a confidant male voice.

     "Yes, this is Lichen."

     "You think you're a dark knight?"  It was a challenge but there was amusement in his voice.

     "Dark knight?" I returned, looking for a bit more information.

     He laughed, then spoke quickly and clearly.

     "This is Dave, the producer with Ivanhoe.  My partner in crime, Alan, and I are very impressed with your CV and letter.  We would like to meet you.  Would you have time to come into the studios for an interview tomorrow morning?"
*   *   *