I returned to Wingnut in the afternoon.  The same guard was on duty.  As I approached the gate he waved and let me walk in without a pass.  I successfully delivered my new contact information.

     I had asked my taxi to return in an hour, but I was done in 20 minutes.  That was my plan.  It left me standing at the front gate for half an hour talking with the guard, and anyone else who passed by the gate.

     Everyone was very friendly.  Right off the guard asked me to sit down, offered me icecream, and started talking about how things had changed in his job since production of
Lord of the Rings had begun.

     About ten minutes before my taxi, a large arrangement of flowers arrived.  The guard asked me to hold them while he dealt with incoming cars.  This involved him looking at the approaching car through the window and reciting, "Don't come in, don't come in, don't come in."  When they did enter the drive he dropped some colorful langguage before putting on a smile and going out to greet the car.

     When he returned to the guardhouse he tried calling for a runner to deliver the flowers to the makeup department.  No one answered.  I volunteered to take them back if he could give me clear directions.  To my surprise he thanked me and sent me across the lot to makeup.

     A woman just inside the door said she knew who the delivery was for.  I handed her the flowers and returned to the gate.

     The guard thanked me again and asked me if I knew who Sam Neil was.

     "Yes, of course," I said.

     He smiled, "Those flowers you just delivered were for his wife!"
Journal #2  Getting Past the Gate...Again