Journal # 11  The Interview
    Bruce Brown's kitchen was completely empty.  As a matter of fact his whole house looked as if no one lived there.  He had a spare 20 minutes between day shoots and returning to the studio for night shoots.  He was never home.

     "What on earth possessed you to come all this way for this film?"  Bruce asked in good natured bafflement.  I explained briefly my interest in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson.  Bruce talked about working with Peter Jackson on
The Frighteners.

     "Dozens of people call the studio every day trying to talk with me, how did you get my number?"  He looked at me as if I had done something quite crafty.

     "Your Stunt Worx ad in,
On Film."

     Surprise flickered across his face and was quickly replaced with a nod of recognition.

     "Well, you're the first to have figured that out."

     We discussed my CV and Bruce said that his assistant would call me when they set up their next auditions for fight people.  Unfortunately he had no idea when that would be because their schedule is so awful.  He emphasized that if it ended up being on a day that I wasn't available that they would set up an individual try out for me.

     There are already 20 men and 2 women working with him, but he needs another 10 to train for full time and another 20 to be on call for the big battles.  He also said that it made no difference that I was female, that they could costume me as a male elf for the battle scenes.  He added that he would like to consider me for Arwen's fight double as I looked about Liv Tyler's size.

     Our business discussion done, Bruce asked if I would like to look at some character sketches of the elves.  I tried to contain my excitement and curiosity while he searched for the folder.

     "I must have left them at the office," he said sounding disappointed.

     "That's alright," I said.  I was lucky to have gotten the interview, and it had gone so well.  I didn't mind not seeing the elves just yet.

     Bruce gave me a lift on his way back to the studios.  We chatted about the stuntees on
Lord of the Rings and his injuries on past films.

     "Thank you again for your time," I said as I stepped out of the car.

     "If you have any questions, or if you are wondering about the schedule, ring and check in anytime."  Bruce waved and turned his car toward the studios.

     I tried not to start bouncing until he was out of sight.