Journal # 10 LOTR Stunt Coordinator
    Before coming to New Zealand I would never have considered trying to become a stunt woman.  However, after auditioning for Sam Williams I realized that my training in stage combat and martial arts prepaired me for at least some types of stunt work.

     How could I get an interview with Bruce Brown?

     As if in answer, I noticed a small ad below the interview:  "STUNT WORX, Bruce Brown, Stunt Coordinator - Stunt Man, 50+ Stunt Team Available, Phone/Fax: 555 555 555, Mobile: 555 555 557."

     Bruce Brown's mobile number?  Very interesting.  I picked up my phone.  My hand began shaking.  I laughed.  If I had enough courage to throw my body around at the stunt audition, I had better have enough courage to make a phone call!  I took a deep breath and punched in the number.

     The phone only rang once.

     "Bruce here."

     "Hello Bruce, my name is Lichen June.  I'm calling to see if I could set up an interview with you.  I'm trained in stage combat with sword work and hand to hand combat, as well as martial arts, primarily Aikido.  I would like to offer you my services."

     "Right.  Can I ask what you look like?  I need certain types for the different races of characters."

     "Certainly.  I'm slender, 5'9", and pale with dark blond hair."

     "Good.  You'd be an elf then.  Listen, I'm a bit busy right now.  Give me your number I'll write it on my hand.  If you haven't heard from me by 3 pm, ring again and we'll set up an interview."
   Flipping through the pages of On Film magazine, I focused my attention back on Lord of the Rings. "Lords of the Lance," read the title over an interview with Bruce Brown, the stunt coordinator for LOTR.  There was a photo of Bruce standing next to legendary sword master Bob Anderson (Zorro, The Princess Bride, Star Wars, etc.) surrounded by the members of Bruce's company, "Stunt Worx."