Journal #1  Hello Wingnut Studios
    My first glimpse of Wellington was from the airport, just a few blocks from Wingnut Studios, home base for the filming of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.

     I sent my CV (resume) and a letter detailing my trip to New Zealand before leaving the US, but has anyone at the studios read it yet?

     Only five days until shooting begins.

     Wellington is set in the hills and cliffs right along the sea.  I took a taxi to my B&B and as we drove along the bay I looked at the steep hills on my left with houses clinging all the way up to the wind swept heights.  On my right gray, restless waves crashed  and moaned below the road.

     I'm staying in a beautiful B&B called "The Mermaid."  There are paintings and statues of goddesses and mermaids in every room.  Each guestroom has its own exotic theme and color scheme.  I'm in the "Bengali."  The lower half of the walls are splashed with different shades of orange, while the walls above and the ceiling are shades of dark blue and indigo.  When I turn on the light switch, tiny white lights in the ceiling glow like stars.

     My first night here is already one of the most peaceful of my life.  This is fortunate as tomorrow morning I am approaching Wingnut Studios to try and get an interview for crew work on LOTR.


     A group of people were being turned away by security as my taxi pulled into the driveway at Wingnut Studios.

     Did I get through the gate?  Of course I did.

     The guard wanted to know if I was expected.  I said "Yes, they know I'm coming but not exactly when, we weren't sure which flight I would catch from the states."  He gave me a pass to wear and sent me back across the lot.  There were a couple hundred people pouring out of a production meeting and I tried not to draw attention as I walked against the stream of foot traffic.

   The reception area was full of boxes of every shape and size.  There was a queue of people waiting to be helped at the desk.  I stepped up next to a chalkboard that had Hobbit rehearsal times scrawled on it.  When I got to the front desk I left my papers for the appropriate people and got their numbers to call for follow up.

     On my way out I passed an open door.  Through it I could see what looked like a large stone throne room carved out of polystyrene, shaped but not yet painted.  It was quite impressive but I didn't stop to stare.

     Back in downtown Wellington I bought a cell phone so that I could be reached, even when I was out and about playing tourist.  But now that I had a new number, could I get it to the production staff at Wingnut?  Could I get past security twice in one day?