Frequently Asked Questions:

Did you end up working on LOTR?

No.  The people who worked on LOTR signed contracts that bind them to silence about the films.  Since I did not work on the films I can share my stories from that time.  I lived, worked, and played with many of the people who did work on the films.  In my writing I will reveal how I was trained as a stuntee, came to be considered for the job of Liv Tyler's stunt double, and why, eventually, I passed on the opportunity.  Shocking, I know!

Will you be telling your whole story on the web site?
When will your book be published?

The only place where my whole story will be told is in Stuntee, the book I am currently writing about my New Zealand adventure.  I will post any details about publication as soon as I have them.  As for my journals here on the website, they are heavily edited with a great deal left out due to format.  My goal was to be entertaining and brief.  Thank you for letting me know that you've found them entertaining!

How can I become a stuntman/stuntwoman?

This is a difficult question to answer because stuntees come from many different backgrounds: martial arts, gymnastics, mountain climbing, rodeo riders, deep sea divers, racecar drivers, etc.  So it definately helps to have specialized in a physical activity of one sort or another.  I would suggest contacting your nearest stunt association or union and asking them to recommend training programs.

Is "Lichen," your real name?  What does it mean?

Yes, Lichen is my given name.  I am named after the lichen plant which is a symbiotic combination of fungus and algae.  This means that the two organisms live together in harmony, helping each other to grow.  So my name means, "helping."

     Thank you so much for all of your wonderful letters!  I am excited to know that there are so many people interested in my crazy adventure.  Due to the large number of e-mails I have been receiving, it may take me a while to reply.  I will try to answer everyone, so hang in there.